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Time Management/Success Series for Children
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Welcome!  Meet my newest friend, The TIME Doctor. Through the pages of his books, we encounter real children with real time issues that have become a "time monster" in each life. Whether it is Never On Time Nicky, Put It Off Patty, Lose It Louie, or Leave It Out Lily...or any of the other children the TIME Doctor will meet in his adventures, The TIME Doctor gives each child a presciption for success that is easy to do and cannot fail to tame the time monster. He wants to bring out the greatness in every child, including yours! Come meet The TIME Doctor  today!.
The Time Doctor
Open Case File:

  • Never On Time Nicky
  • Put It Off Patty 
  • Rush, Rush Rosy 
  • Distractable Dusty 
  • Forgetful Freddy      
  • Dreamer Darly
  • Busy, Busy Barry 
  • Social Bug Suzy 
  • I'll Do It Myself Molly 
  • Negative Naddy
  • Tell Me Again, Teddy
  • Scatterbrained Sammy
  • Never Ready Nelly
  • TV Tammy
  • Wandering Willy
  • Leave It Out Lily
  • Lose It Louie
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